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The Gray Area

Sundays @7pm EST on Philly's Favor 100.7fm and available via the Philly's

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A former collegiate athlete with deep journalistic roots and a strong millennial mouthpiece, Sharí Nycole has made it her mission to tell the truth beautifully in a way that’s bold but not abrasive.  With an array of televised projects and interviews with Hollywood stars, medical experts, political powerhouses, educators and athletes, Sharí Nycole believes every story should cater to the needs and wants of the audience and provide them with information pertinent to how they can remain informed and entertained.

“The Gray Area” represents the middle ground we often miss when communicating.  In a world of extremes, taboos and biases, it’s often complicated to meet in the middle, or as Sharí Nycole likes to call it, “The Gray Area.”  “The Gray Area” is where topics we avoid, but need to tackle, live.  It’s where people on both sides of an issue find understanding.  “The Gray Area” is where we learn new things about others and ourselves. 

This weekend radio show will utilize the faith- based platform provided by Philly’s Favor to explore hot topics ranging from pop culture and politics to entertainment, health and wellness.  It will tackle controversial topics in engaging, thought- provoking and fun ways.  Its aim is to provide the audience with information, inspiration and the tools necessary for better communicative exchanges.  Each episode will include commentary from Sharí Nycole in response to the hot topics that week, interviews with entertainers, athletes, experts, politicians and educators of all kinds, inspirational musical messaging and candid conversation. Also, interviewees will be given the grace and space to weigh in on topics in and outside their professional platform.

It’s impossible to agree on everything, but it’s very possible to make some progress in “The Gray Area.”

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