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Hope Renewed: The Women's March in D.C.

January 23, 2017

Videographer/Editor: Sharí Nycole  



I'll admit, in the wake of Donald Trump's election and inauguration, I began to lose hope in this country.  Society's blurred lines, became hard and straight.  I was on one team, "they" were on the other.  I was walking around with boxing gloves on, ready to defend my culture, belief systems and body at a moment's notice.  Anger clouded my ability to be empathetic and apathy seemed more comfortable than caring about how America would pan out over the next four years. 


Somewhere between Election Night and Saturday morning, I lost sight of humanity.  It was no more than an ideal, failing me a little more each day.  I refused to see its light, and only left to bask in humanity's shadow, I surrendered my hope for a better America.  With my seatbelt strapped tight, I prepared myself for the bumpy ride ahead, one filled with controversy, dishonesty, racism, religious discrimination, poverty and political power players equipped to do nothing more than screw over as many Americans as possible.  


All of this changed Saturday when I attended the Women's March.  On Saturday I saw love, a love both universal and unapologetic.  I saw some of the most creative humans I'd ever laid eyes on, many of them hoisting signs in the air prompting me to think critically, laugh hysterically or do both simultaneously.  The Women's March in Washington, DC was more than historic, it was my personal form of redirection.  It showed me the power in numbers and the energy created when cooperative causes collide.  And with each act of kindness and conversation throughout the day, my hope for a better America was renewed. 


Don't get me wrong, this country certainly has its problems.  Racism, poverty, gun control, bad policing, stolen elections, discrimination of all sorts and mass incarceration are real issues affecting millions of Americans.  But despite the shortcomings and pitfalls, I've come to believe most Americans aren't bad people, and it truly is a few bad apples continuously spoiling the bunch.  The Women's March was a stance not only for women's rights, but it was a physical representation of the beauty in those who call themselves Americans.  It was proof most people in this country aren't that bad after all.  


I'm grateful for the experience and the reminder. 







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January 20, 2017

January 16, 2017

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