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Thanks For Bringing Us Back To Life Dave

November 14, 2016


I don't know about anyone else, but in the wake of Donald Trump's victory, I felt like a relative died.  From the wee hours of Wednesday morning until Saturday night, I experienced sheer disappointment in this country and a fleeting hope for its future.


So you're probably wondering what changed on Saturday.  What resuscitated my need to disregard the president-elect and move on knowing everything would be okay?


Three things: My faith in God, my amazing family and friends and "Saturday Night Live."  You read it right: "Saturday Night Live."  


I'll be the first to admit, I'm not a faithful "SNL" viewer.  In fact, I miss the classic show on most occasions, but I knew I couldn't miss it this time around, I knew I needed it, and deep inside I knew this country needed it too.  I guess it doesn't come as a surprise Dave Chappelle had a clear understanding of these sentiments and used them as fuel to bring us back to life. 


It's now clear to me, Dave felt this country's pulse before he hit the "SNL" stage.  He knew millions of people were elated at Wednesday's outcome.  He also knew many of us were angry, afraid, annoyed and mere minutes away from flatlining.  But in only the way he can, Dave brought out the comedic defibrillator.  He saved me.  He saved us.   


Once the opening applause settled, Dave eased into his monologue, voicing the views many of us in the black community share but aren't given license to express in the presence of white people.  From the moment he said, "I didn't know Donald Trump was gonna win, but I suspected it.  Hillary was doing well in the polls, but I know the whites," I was freed from my political mourning and thrust into a safe zone where laughing at the world's problems and my own was a recreational experience worth having. 


Then Dave took things a step further, adding comedic context to Donald Trump's win, while still acknowledging the plight of black culture and those in the Black Lives Matter Movement.  His "funny" was everything black folks needed, it was everything black folks felt, and it was so funny even white folks found comedic refuge in the uncomfortable bed exposing their white privilege. 


In his opening skit, Dave Chappelle joined forces with fellow comedic heavy-hitter Chris Rock, reinforcing the unstoppable dynamic between two black men at the top of their craft. Minutes later, we were reintroduced to the myriad of characters we fell in love with on "Chappelle's Show," carrying us to a place of nostalgia we've yet to let go of. 


As if "Chappelle's Show" flashbacks weren't enough, Dave tongue kissing Kate McKinnon in one of the craziest skits I've ever seen and gorging breast milk from Leslie Jones "fake" boob took me off the respirator and discharged me from the hospital of hopelessness I checked into on Wednesday. 


To make matters even more black, A Tribe Called Quest ripped the stage with the hit single, "We The People," a battle cry for black consciousness, global unity and racial justice.  They also slapped us upside the head with "Space Program,"a plea to everyone to move forward and live their best life, and the epic cameo from Busta Rhymes was an added bonus. 


It's hard to put what happened when Dave Chappelle took over "Saturday Night Live" on November 12 into words, but here's my earnest attempt.  


"SNL" felt like the repast of the decade.  A soul food feast of comedic consciousness and libations of liberal-laced laughter, providing just enough space to forget what this country has lost and just enough hope to remember we're resilient enough to survive anything and anyone: even Donald J. Trump. 


Click below to see Dave Chappelle's opening monologue on SNL: 







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January 20, 2017

January 16, 2017

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