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"This Is Us"...No seriously, THIS is us!

October 22, 2016


     As a television junkie, I try to keep a close ear and eye on what's happening on the small screen.  In recent weeks, I've heard whispers about NBC's new drama, "This Is Us," and after seeing enough social media posts saying, "This show is so great!" and "You have to watch 'This is Us,'" I finally decided to give it a look.  My procrastination put me four episodes behind, but thanks to OnDemand, it didn't take long to catch up...

and fall in love.  


"This Is Us" follows the lives of three siblings, fraternal white twins (boy and girl) and one black boy. Their mother was pregnant with triplets, and after losing one child at birth, she and her husband adopted an abandoned black infant a firefighter brought to the hospital.  The series is a constant seesaw between "then and now," laying the foundation for the lives of siblings Kevin, Kate and Randall and exposing the secrets kept in the crevices of their pasts.  Now, at thirty-six, they are finding out more about themselves, the world around them and each other. 


What I appreciate most about "This Is Us," is its inclusivity.  Even though I don't share a similar story with these characters, I still see myself through the lens of their lives. That's an oxymoron in itself, but it's the truth.  

I guess that's the magic of "This Is Us." 


As I watched...

and continued to watch...

and kept on watching...


I saw the fragility of life, the beauty in forgiveness and the fierce hold fear has on a me when I don't want to fail.  "This Is Us" is a lovely rollercoaster ride, taking viewers to the heights of heartbreak and careening them down slopes of conflict right before letting them coast on comedic straightaways.  It's a melting pot of heartfelt writing and comedic genius.  


Although "This Is Us" relies heavily on the past to support the present narrative, the drama is not dated.  It's very conscious and forward thinking.  It boggles my mind how the writers and producers were able to pack so many issues into such a small window of time.  From body dysmorphia and abandonment, to racial divides and domestic discourse, "This Is Us" is everything for everybody. 


If you're looking for a mirror, if you're searching for clarity, if you want life to feel beautiful again, if you want to laugh, or if you want to "just be," "This Is Us" is for you.  


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January 20, 2017

January 16, 2017

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