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Dear Issa...

October 22, 2016


Dear Issa, 


How did you know?  How did you know what I was thinking, feeling, hoping, hating, and wanting?  Are you a psychic?  


Or are you just "that" in tune with the plight, progress and passion of black women in the current age?  


That's it!  You simply "get it."  


"Insecure" hits every point beautifully, and even in the awkward moments, there's so much clarity.  As I watch your character and Yvonne Orji's character work to conquer their own worlds, while still being one another's, I'm given a vibrant reminder of my own challenges and grow more appreciative of my amazing friendships.  From the witty writing to the gritty music, from the classic "curse out sessions" to the quirky cool freestyle flows in the bathroom, "Insecure" is the epitome of "black", the soul tie for the "sistas" and the beaming backdrop of our lives.  


As a content creator, who wears her melanin as best she can, I'm deeply moved by this show in every sense of the word.  I'm happy to know there's a place in primetime for "our" stories: black and beautiful stories.  


Issa, I know you're pioneering a new movement on the small screen.  I know it's tough.  As if being a black woman isn't a heavy enough weight to carry, you're carrying that load with grace in a world where we aren't often seen at our best.

You're a paradigm shift all by yourself.  


Keep it up Issa!  Keep shining!  Keep that black girl magic alive!  


So, please consider this open letter a "thank you."  Thank you for bringing the psyche of the accomplished, driven, frustrated, funny, thoughtful, passionate, creative, loving, lonely, educated, giving, tired, confused, intelligent, happy and conscious black woman to the small screen in a way not yet seen prior.  Your storylines prove I'm not alone in this world. 


Sharí Nycole 




Check out the trailer for 'Insecure' below:

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January 20, 2017

January 16, 2017

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