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A conversationalist to the core, media personality and “super” producer, Sharí Nycole, takes the podcast format to new levels with, “Just A Thought.” Crafted by her desire to inform, empower, educate, entertain and awe audiences, Sharí Nycole uses the “Just A Thought” platform to have thought-provoking discussions with guests ranging from Hollywood and music’s finest to athletes, activists, medical experts and more!

From all-star athletes like ESPN analyst, Ryan Hollins, and All-Pro NFL running back, Thomas Jones, to actors like Leon and Claudia Jordan and Grammy-nominated singers like, Syleena Johnson, “Just A Thought” is blossoming into a safe space for game changers and taste makers to share their opinions on hot topics and what’s happening in the world around us.


“Just A Thought” airs on IG Live at the @shari_nycole IG handle every Thursday at 6pm EST.

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