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A conversationalist to the core, media personality and “Super Producer," Sharí Nycole, takes the podcast format to new levels with, “Just A Thought W/ Sharí Nycole.” Crafted by her desire to inform, empower, educate, entertain and awe audiences, Sharí Nycole uses this platform to have thought-provoking discussions with guests ranging from Hollywood and music’s finest to athletes, activists, medical experts and more!

From all-star athletes like ESPN analyst, Ryan Hollins, and All-Pro NFL running back, Thomas Jones, to actors like Leon and Claudia Jordan and Grammy-nominated singers like, Syleena Johnson, “Just A Thought” is blossoming into a safe space for game changers and taste makers to share their opinions on hot topics and what’s happening in the world around us.


From humble beginnings, broadcasting on IG Live weekly to now airing in the podcast format on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher and Radio.Com, “Just A Thought W/Sharí Nycole” is gaining steam and resonating with listeners all over the country. 



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